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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist


As winter ends, give your home a complete physical—inside and out—to ready it for those warm-weather months ahead.

This year, many parts of the country have enjoyed such a mild winter that even in the Northeast, spring weather seems like it’s just around the corner—if it hasn’t arrived already.

Take advantage of the moderate temperatures to get a head start on what should be an annual spring home maintenance routine.

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Kitchens are no longer JUST for all things food.


Living Room-Style Kitchens

See how a kitchen can serve as a second living room with functional stations for working, dining, relaxing and entertaining.

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The Kitchen Trend Nate Berkus Says Will Never Go Out of Style


Nate Berkus gets it: We are, collectively, bored of white kitchens. “Our eyes get tired of seeing the same thing over and over. When a client asks us for a white-on-white kitchen, my business partner and I are like: Oh, no, okay, we’ll do another white kitchen. I know a lot of designers feel that way,” he tells us. But playing devil’s advocate to his own argument, he also understands the draw of a crisp, monochrome space: “It’s timeless, and for most people, it’s the largest investment they’re going to make in their home.” 

All this to say: Love it or hate it, it doesn’t look like this style is going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you’re saddled with an uninspiring space in your rental or simply want to make the look your own, the key is to put a few spins on the classic. Read More about how Berkus would approach the matter…

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