Refinancing to renovate: the golden rules to getting it right.


Getting your financial ducks in a row before you kick off a home makeover is essential. Here’s what you need to know about refinancing to renovate.

Ask anyone who has renovated and chances are they will give you a laundry list of what not to do, ranging from thinking you can live there during the demolition period to ignoring the need for a solid quote and builder’s contract.|

Top of that list should be ‘Sort out your finances before picking up the sledgehammer’, so we’ve pulled together our top tips on how to refinance your home to renovate.
It’s smart advice because there’s a special kind of stress (okay, terror) involved when you realise your house is an unliveable building site and you’re going to need to rustle up another $10k/20k/30k you hadn’t budgeted for in order to finish it.
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6 Paint Colors You’ll Never Find in an Interior Designer’s Home


Picking a new hue for your walls can feel like a major commitment. After all, there’s no other design element that has quite as much power to impact how you feel. But in reality, it’s a pretty low-risk update.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could invite a designer over to your house for a glass of wine and a snack while they regale you with tales of their own paint adventures? With that in mind, we (domino Magazine) asked six industry experts to share the shades they would avoid at all costs and the ones they’d use in their own homes. Surprisingly, one “unpopular” color was a clear winner.

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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist


As winter ends, give your home a complete physical—inside and out—to ready it for those warm-weather months ahead.

This year, many parts of the country have enjoyed such a mild winter that even in the Northeast, spring weather seems like it’s just around the corner—if it hasn’t arrived already.

Take advantage of the moderate temperatures to get a head start on what should be an annual spring home maintenance routine.

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Kitchens are no longer JUST for all things food.


Living Room-Style Kitchens

See how a kitchen can serve as a second living room with functional stations for working, dining, relaxing and entertaining.

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The Kitchen Trend Nate Berkus Says Will Never Go Out of Style


Nate Berkus gets it: We are, collectively, bored of white kitchens. “Our eyes get tired of seeing the same thing over and over. When a client asks us for a white-on-white kitchen, my business partner and I are like: Oh, no, okay, we’ll do another white kitchen. I know a lot of designers feel that way,” he tells us. But playing devil’s advocate to his own argument, he also understands the draw of a crisp, monochrome space: “It’s timeless, and for most people, it’s the largest investment they’re going to make in their home.” 

All this to say: Love it or hate it, it doesn’t look like this style is going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you’re saddled with an uninspiring space in your rental or simply want to make the look your own, the key is to put a few spins on the classic. Read More about how Berkus would approach the matter…

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27 Before-and-After Bathroom Makeovers


See how designers take these bathrooms from gut job to gorgeous.

These dramatic transformations are sure to leave you speechless.lived. Home is where we choose to restore ourselves, where we are safe, comfortable and free to create a life that is Simply Blissful. Explore this trending Color Collection and redefine what it means to stay in.

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2020 Color Collection of the Year



In 2020, we are continuing our journey to finding a life full of happiness and fulfillment. We strive for balance, knowing that self‐care is the key to a life well lived. Home is where we choose to restore ourselves, where we are safe, comfortable and free to create a life that is Simply Blissful. Explore this trending Color Collection and redefine what it means to stay in.


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This Tiny Bathroom Before and After Is Truly Jaw-Dropping


As a new homeowner, you don’t always get everything on your wish list. Whether it’s a paint color you don’t like, dated countertops, or minimal storage space, there is usually one aspect (or a few) that you are looking to upgrade. And in terms of priorities, let’s be real—bathrooms tend to be at the bottom of everyone’s list because they are the room people spend the least amount of time in. 

Patti Wagner went the opposite route with her home. The designer took the plunge and decided to give her vintage bathroom a facelift; a rather in-depth one that included stripping 89 years worth of paint from the walls while maintaining the original character. Wagner and her husband also replaced the old flooring, which sat in wire mesh and a concrete mortar bed, with a hexagon tile more befitting of the time period to complement the original green tiling on the walls. 

From start to finish, this 47-square-foot bathroom took about two months to complete. If your bathroom is in need of a refresh, take a page from Wagner and turn your attention to your floors, as it’s one update that really makes a difference. Below, the designer shares what she learned about remodeling bathroom floors. We’re definitely taking note.

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10 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In Your Kitchen Design


Many of our home activities — cooking, cleaning, eating, drinking, socializing — take place in the kitchen. Which is why a beautiful and functional kitchen is so important. Regardless of your kitchen design style, organization and layout are key components. Take a look at these 10 renovation mistakes you should avoid and design tips to try, so you’ll end up with a practical and elegant kitchen design.

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Color Trends for 2020. The Sherwin Williams Forecast

Design, Trends|

American paint manufacturer, Sherwin Williams, has released its predicted colour trends for 2020. To reach their forecast colour marketing director Sue Wadden, and her team, studied global trends in colour, design and pop-culture. Sue Wadden told Architectural Digest that, “this year, she was looking to counterbalance the cacophony of stresses that are an increasing factor of contemporary life.” Take a look below for the 5 colour trends she expects we’ll be seeing in 2020.

The colours selected represent joy and serenity. As the wellness trend continues, the home is treated as a sanctuary. A welcoming respite from the busy world, a place to balance the mind, body and spirit. There are 45 colours arranged into 5 groups, each contains 9 hues.

Now, I would never advocate blindly following trends, particular with colour which is so subjective. As I have said before, it is always best to decorate with colours you love. However, if you are not super confident when choosing colour, and you feel drawn to one of these palettes, then this could be a very handy tool to help you plan colour. Whether in a room, or throughout your entire home. Mix and match the different colours in a group, in different rooms. Connecting your rooms with colour will create a cohesive look in your pad.

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